3D Printing Pen

The 3Doodler is the world’s first and best 3D printing pen that allows you to draw in 3D by extruding heated plastic filament that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure. You’ll be able to draw up into the air and create anything you can think of, whether it be a lamp shade, an architectural model, decorations, or even jewelry. 3D Printing in Egypt

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Each color comes in a packet of 25 straight-cut strands (10 inches each), Choose from ABS or PLA materials.


- Doodlestand: The perfect place to store your 3Doodler and DoodleStrands between creative sessions.

- Nozzleset: is made up of three main items:

1. The Nozzle Holder, which also doubles as a nozzle removal tool.
2. Six different sizes and shapes of nozzle, including a ribbon tip, square tip, triangle tip, a super fine 0.5mm nozzle, and thicker 1mm and 1.5mm nozzles.
3. A smoothing tool that clips onto the end of the nozzle, allowing you to smooth over or create contours and details on your Doodles.

- Pedal: Give your fingers a break. Use the 3Doodler Pedal for those longer 3Doodled projects!

- Jetpack: A portable power pack that gives you the freedom to 3Doodle on the go.