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Houses and floor plans

3D printed houses and floor plans are the most professional way an architect can present his work.

With accuracy up to 0.01 mm, house and floor plans are seen as never been before.

With full color 3d Printing, custom designed interiors just pop out of the model - 3D Printing in Egypt

Interior design

What is better than 3D printed mockups with full color interior design to convince your customer to buy the unit. 3D Printing in Egypt

whether residential or touristic projects, 3D printed interior design is the most powerfull tool for selling and showing the real finishing of your work. 

Large Scale Projects

No matter how big is your Project, ADMA labs - 3D Printing in Egypt - can assemble it in the most efficient and professional way.


Maps and Terrains are 3D printed for Various applications and studies - 3D Printing in Egypt.